I'm Kal Feher and this is where I blog. My posts reflect my general interests in technology and security.

Some of the articles I write contain code, which you can find on my GitHub site.

Find me in a crowd

I once had hair and wore a scarf.

Me with hair:left

Like many Melbournians, I like my coffee. So you'll find me in a cafe someplace, eyeing off the deserts which I should definitely not be eating.

I've been lucky enough to travel for work. Work travel often lets me see the everyday side of the places I'm visiting. And so I have to speak out against some of the more egregious crimes against good coffee that I've encountered.

Firstly, creamer does not belong anywhere near coffee, it may have some uses as an industrial solvent, YMMV.

Instant coffee is the work of the devil. No more needs to be said.

All opinions my own

I work for a company. When I represent them I do so on their platforms, not here. Sharp eyed readers will notice that this website uses my name and not that of my employer. All opinions on this site are my views only.

Occasionally some of the technology and strategies I talk about on this site have made it into official documentation. In all cases the official documentation should be considered authoritative. I update my content when I have free time and feel like writing. Don't rely on my free time.

Public engagement

At various times in my career I've been lucky enough to engage with my industry peers on matters of technical policy. I follow and comment on those discussions so you'll likely see posts on ICANN, IANA and whatever catches my eye in the IETF mail lists.

Comments on posts

Not all posts have comments enabled. If I've gotten something wrong or you just want to say something about a post with comments disabled, you can always find me on Mastodon and tell me what you think. For any comments about code in an article, github is the place to let me know.

Thanks for reading.


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