IETF 119 Brisbane

Due to changes in my career focus, I ceased attending IETF meetings after 2018. I still followed and very occasionally participated in some working groups, but my attention has been elsewhere for the last 6 years. The last IETF meeting in Australia was 24 years ago, which means this is likely to be my most accessible IETF meeting for the foreseeable future. So I'm packing my bags and heading to Brisvegas.

My focus has strayed from protocol development recently. However, for the last few years I've been kicking around a partial draft regarding the mapping of EPP operations to CDS records to assist with DNSSec record updates in registry systems and top level domains. I'm dusting it off and seeing if there's still a need for such a draft. While checking out the Agenda I noticed that there'd be a BoF for a group interested in improving delegation (DELEG). The use case is adjacent to my possible draft, so I'll go along and see what is planned for that proposed working group.

I'm also going to check in on the REGEXT and DNSOP working groups. Naturally I'll attend other sessions, there's always something interesting that someone is doing.

Hopefully I'll find time to post more blogs during the meeting. Okie dokes, now I need to pack!