Changes to Quagga Configuration layout

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Quagga conf file location changes in Debian based distros

Eventually the recent change to the layout of Quagga conf files in Debian based distros will become well-known. But at the time of writing this blog, it is still very new and my google fu was not good enough to find any clear resources explaining the changes. The configuration file layout changes are designed to bring the Debian package more into line with the upstream layout. So here is a quick rundown of the changes I’ve found and an attempt at providing some suggestions for making sense of any older resources you have that use the consolidated configuration files of days gone by.

What’s Changed?

I recently had cause to reinstall Quagga on an Ubuntu host. Gone were the usual files under /etc/quagga/. The example files I used to copy and modify were also gone. There’s no unified configuration file and no daemons file. It is important to note that existing installs will work just fine after upgrading. These changes are only relevant if you have a new quagga install. For more detailed information on the changes go here after installing the quagga meta package:


Config files The example files can be found at: /usr/share/doc/quagga-core/examples The old location for quagga example configs /usr/share/doc/quagga/examples/ does not exist and its parent folder contains only text files directing you elsewhere. Starting Quagga There is no more /etc/quagga/daemons file. Zebra and the routing daemons are now treated like normal system services. Starting any one of the routing services will also start the quagga (zebra) service. Or you can start quagga on its own systemctl start zebra.service or just start your routing protocol of choice (the zebra service is a dependency so it will start first) systemctl start ospf6d.service. Configuring Quagga With the consolidated configuration file now discouraged (disabled by default), you’ll need to edit each routing service individually.